The Alcohol and Other Drug Diversion Program

The Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Diversion Program is available in metropolitan and regional Magistrates Courts.

The AOD Diversion Program is a voluntary court diversion treatment intervention program available for eligible adults who have alcohol and/or other drug use problems.

The AOD Diversion Program is ideally for early entrants to the criminal court system, however can service people who have been in court before.

Anybody who has reason to address the court about the offender's case can request the offender be referred to the AOD Diversion Program for assessment, however those with an extensive criminal record for serious offences, sexual offences, drug trafficking offences or high level violence are not eligible.

An AOD Diversion Officer can also link family members and friends or support people of the person appearing in court to free services so they can receive professional advice and useful information about AOD use and strategies to support themselves and manage stress.

The AOD Diversion Program commenced on 4 January 2021 in the Magistrates Courts of Western Australia. This program replaces the Pre-Sentence Opportunity Program (POP); Indigenous Diversion Program (IDP); and Supervised Treatment Intervention Regime (STIR).

For further information

Ask for the AOD Diversion Officer at your local Magistrates Court or contact:

Alcohol and Drug Support Line

Phone: 9442 5000
Country Callers: 1800 198 024

Mental Health Commission website.

Last updated: 4-Jan-2021

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