Magistrates Court of Western Australia

Inactive Cases FAQs

The other party refuses to sign the Form 49 - Memorandum of Consent application, seeking that the Court make a final order disposing of the case. What can I do?

If you commenced the claim against the other party, you may wish to consider lodging a Form 57 - Notice of Discontinuance of Claim. If you had proceedings commenced against you, please seek legal advice as to the options available to you.

How can I lodge the Form 57 - Notice of Discontinuance / Form 23 - Application / Form 49 - Memorandum of Consent Order with the Court?

If you are registered user of the eCourt Portal, you may wish to lodge your application online.

If you are not a registered user of the eCourt Portal, you may lodge your application at the Court registry where the claim was being heard, either by facsimile, or over the counter at the Court.

Last updated: 7-Jan-2021

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