Child Care Services

The Magistrates Court of Western Australia will pay for childcare on the days that you are required to attend Court only, and for days not usually used by you, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. The centre must be a licensed childcare facility as referred to in the Child Care Services Act 2007 (WA); and

  2. You are responsible for the normal daily care of the child or children; and either

    1. You are attending or participating in a Magistrates Court proceeding in at least one of the following capacities:

      • Applicant/Claimant;
      • Respondent/Defendant;
      • Witness;
      • Victim of crime – presenting a victim impact statement or performing other court process functions, not simply viewing proceedings; or

    2. You are required to attend court as parent or guardian to accompany a child who is attending or participating in a court or tribunal appearance in one of the above capacities, and you are required to place another child you have the daily care of into childcare.

You are responsible for making bookings, placing and collecting your child or children and knowing the business hours of the childcare provider.

You must inform the childcare provider on a daily basis of the date and times that you are required to attend Court and the date and times that childcare is required.

Payment options

Unpaid Invoices

Paid Invoices

Please speak to court staff if you have any questions or require further information.  

Last updated: 18-Oct-2022

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