Before You Begin

The Magistrates Court has a civil jurisdiction to deal with many types of cases or claims and includes the following, which may be completed online.

Have the following information readily available before commencing:

  1. Amount of your claim or relief sought.
  2. A summary description of your claim.
  3. Names and addresses of claimants/applicants and defendants/respondents.

If you wish to sue a corporation, and you require the Court to serve the documents, you must provide valid names and addresses. To carry out a business name search, or obtain company details, go to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission website.

(Note that fees are payable directly to ASIC or other information providers. You will need a credit card to process the payment). It is in your interest to obtain a company extract or business extract showing the names and addresses of any directors, secretaries or partners to assist in the service of your claim upon the defendant/s.


Online forms will provide you with information relevant to each step in the process. If you experience a problem, or need further information, please use the feedback form or contact your closest registry.

If you experience technical difficulties with Online Forms, please contact the Courts Technology Group Helpdesk on 9425 2645. Please note that the Helpdesk can only provide technical support and is not able to assist with any other aspect of your claim.


You can print the completed multi-page form on your local printer. You can also save the Adobe PDF document for your reference when using your own computer.

How to use the system

The first screen in the process explains how the system works.

You can save your work

You can save your document during the process. To do this you will need to register with the Court. This is a simple process. Your saved and unlodged document will be kept for a maximum of 45 days after being modified. Once lodged, you will have access to your document via your login. Note that if you are registered and have not lodged a document with the Court, then your account will be deleted from the system after a period of 60 days.


The Court encourages you to provide feedback, so that we can make the system easier to use. The system will prompt you for feedback at the end of the process, or you can click on the feedback link located on the bottom of every page.

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Last updated: 26-Aug-2016

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